CAST Electronic Health Records Selection Tool

Thank you for using the CAST EHR Selection Tool. This tool will be most useful after you have read our CAST EHR Whitepaper to understand the planning and requirements identification process.
In addition, our CAST EHR Selection Matrix provides an overview of available products and the functionalities they offer. Please note some of the questions refer to one or more stage(s) of the CAST 7-Stage EHR Adoption Model for LTPAC, which CAST strongly recommends embracing, and using to guide selection, implementation, staff training, maximizing use of EHR functionalities, and driving quality improvement initiatives both internally and across provider settings.
We highly recommend convening a multidisciplinary team to define requirements for your organization’s EHR system.
Once you have defined such requirements, this tool can help you learn which of the reviewed EHR products might meet your needs.
Our CAST EHR Selection Matrix provides a detailed overview of available products and the functionalities they offer that allows you to drill down on the products shortlisted using this tool.
If you receive no results, consider excluding less important requirements to broaden the possibilities.
If you have a account, we strongly recommend logging in BEFORE USING THE TOOL.
Business Line/Care Applicability (Stage 1)

Medicare Documentation/Service Delivery Records (Stage 1)

Physician Progress Notes (Stage 2-6)

Drug Therapy (Stage 4-6)

ePrescribing - bi-directional (electronic prescribing) (Stage 6)
eMAR (electronic medication administration record) (Stage 4)
eTAR (electronic treatment administration record) (Stage 4)
Closed-loop medication verification (Stage 4)
Medication adherence (Stage 4)
Medication reconciliation capabilities (Stage 5)

Discharge Documentation (Stage 3)

Clinical Decision Support Systems (Stage 4)
(Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) link health observations with health knowledge to influence health choices by clinicians for improved health care.)
CDSS - Falls.
CDSS - Medication Management (Drug-Drug and Drug-Allergy Interactions).
CDSS - Pressure Ulcers.
CDSS - Inappropriate Hospitalization/Readmission or Interventions to Reduce Inappropriate Hospital Admission and
               Acute Care Transfers Tool.

CDSS - Reduction of Health Care-Acquired Infections.
CDSS – Antipsychotic Reduction.

Integration/Interfacing with Other Software Systems (Stage 5)

Financial: billing/accounts receivable/accounts payable/general ledger, etc.
Human resources management: scheduling, time and attendance, payroll
Third party ancillary clinical systems: pharmacy, labs, radiology etc.
Multiple Site Integration

Interoperability (Stage 5-7)

Certification (Stage 6 and/or 7)
  (Note: This criterion significantly reduces product options.)
I need Meaningful Use certification by ONC-ATCB (Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology-Authorized
               Testing and Certification Bodies).

Hardware/Software Requirements

Local model
Hosted Model/ or Software as a Service (SaaS), where I pay for usage.

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