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Robyn I. Stone, a noted researcher and leading international authority on aging and long-term care policy, joined LeadingAge as the senior vice president of Research. Dr. Stone periodically shares her perspectives on the center’s research work and on policy issues affecting older adults. 


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What Older People Want

Ask older people what will help them remain healthy and independent, and they're unlikely to tell you they need a better primary care physician, writes Robyn Stone. Stone's got a pretty good idea what they will tell you.

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  1. How Good Data Can Help Low-Income Elderly Age in Community

    In January 2011, Surgeon Atul Gawande wrote an article in The New Yorker magazine that helped change the way many of us look at the quality and cost of health care delivery. Gawande’s ...

  2. Let's Stop Building "Memory Care Units"

    The number of people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias is expected to double by 2030. But that’s no reason to start building more “memory care units.” Instead, it’s time to start thinking outside the box about how we can design and deliver the very best services ...

  3. Robyn Stone: How to Shift from an “Accidental” to a “Valued” Workforce

    Many people enter the field of long-term care “accidentally,” writes Dr. Robyn Stone in a new book from the Russell-Sage Foundation that explores 

  4. Wake-Up Call from the IOM: We’re Not Ready to Meet Geriatric Mental Health Needs

    I’ve spent the last year working with a very distinguished group of geriatricians and behavioral health experts to gauge the older population’s need for mental health services and substance abuse treatment, and to assess our nation’s capacity to meet that need.  The Institute of Medicine (IOM) convened ...