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Robyn I. Stone, a noted researcher and leading international authority on aging and long-term care policy, joined LeadingAge as the senior vice president of Research. Dr. Stone periodically shares her perspectives on the center’s research work and on policy issues affecting older adults. 


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Lester Holt Knows What Consumers Want

At LeadingAge, we’ve known for a long time that consumers prefer home care to care in a hospital or nursing home. Now NBC News Anchor Lester Holt knows it too.

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  1. Jerry Maguire and the Aging Services Workforce

    A recent invitation to explore new team-based service-delivery models "had me at 'hello,'" writes Robyn Stone. Here's why.

  2. Can Children Help Solve Our Workforce Crisis?

    Asking little kids what they want to be when they grow up – and influencing how they answer that question – could be our best tool for recruiting and retaining workers of the future, writes Robyn Stone.

  3. 3 Ways You Can Improve an Older Woman’s Health

    Robyn Stone believes that LeadingAge members can change the lives of millions of older women around the country by taking 3 giant steps.

  4. Counting on Creativity in Uncertain Times

    Feeling anxious or pessimistic in these uncertain times? Robyn Stone suggests an antidote.

  5. Outraged and Confused about Elder Abuse

    CFAR Executive Director Robyn Stone can’t think of one person who thinks elder abuse is acceptable. So why, she asks, does elder abuse still persist today?