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Robyn I. Stone, a noted researcher and leading international authority on aging and long-term care policy, joined LeadingAge as the senior vice president of Research. Dr. Stone periodically shares her perspectives on the center’s research work and on policy issues affecting older adults. 


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Lester Holt Knows What Consumers Want

At LeadingAge, we’ve known for a long time that consumers prefer home care to care in a hospital or nursing home. Now NBC News Anchor Lester Holt knows it too.

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  1. 3 Partnership Lessons from a Cross-Country Trek

    On a recent cross-country trek, Robyn Stone discovered that finding and working with a range of new partners can actually be a lot of fun.

  2. What 7-Eleven Can Teach Us about Aging in Community

    Government agencies and nonprofit organizations are key players in helping city-dwelling elders age in community. But they can’t do it alone, writes Robyn Stone. That’s where 7-Eleven comes in.

  3. Who are Your Most Promising Leaders? My Money’s on LPNs

    It’s high time we recognized that C-Suite executives aren’t the only leaders in the field of long-term services and supports, writes Robyn Stone.

  4. Lights! Camera! Action!

    After 2 years of intensive planning, the LeadingAge LTSS Center @UMass Boston has taken its place on the national research stage.

  5. Making New Friends in the Real Estate World

    Advocates for affordable senior housing need to get their messages out to a broader audience, writes Robyn Stone.