Pathway to Living has taken a tech-forward approach in its newest community, Grandbrier, launched in May in Prospect Heights, IL. GPS resident location technology, motion sensors, a tech-enabled gym, and engagement tracking are among the Grandbrier’s tech-savvy features.
These technology solutions help Pathway to Living focus on safety and quality care, says a recent Senior Housing News article, “How a Newly Opened Community is Doing Senior Living Tech.”
For example, GPS resident location technology is used in independent living and assisted living units so that caregivers can always find residents, for emergencies or for simple reasons like a family member's phone call.
In the memory care apartments, motion sensors can send alerts to caregivers’ Spectralink phones if it appears a resident has fallen. To keep memory care residents safely inside the wing, Grandbrier installed a fob system that is more secure than a touch keypad. Visitors can ring a bell to page a staff member and enter. This technology-enabled eyes-on approach lowers the chances that residents will elope.
In Grandbrier’s tech-enabled gym, residents slip key cards into workout machines to see their profiles. The machines give each resident a workout guide based on his or her progress during the previous workout. The gym is stocked with HUR equipment, which are pneumatic strength-training machines specially designed to be safe and effective for seniors.
The Grandbrier tracks resident engagement with CAST Business Associate CareMerge, an online record of residents’ community involvement and health care appointments. Aides and family members can access this information to get a sense of the resident's daily activities. 

A partnership with CAST Supporter Lyft supplements the community's bus schedule and community-wide WiFi rounds out the Grandbrier’s high-tech approach.
Pathway to Living serves 24 communities across Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, and Wisconsin and offers independent living, assisted living, and memory care units.