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Caring for a loved one isn't easy. That's why LeadingAge members are committed to developing resources that can help individuals provide their loved ones with the help they need on their own terms. This page features videos, guides, websites and other resources our members developed for caregivers. Visit frequently to find resources that may help you or a friend fulfill this important role in someone's life.

Finding Information to Help Caregivers

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How to Create Meaning in Dementia Care

Everyone deserves to feel needed and have a sense of purpose

6 Reasons Why We Celebrate Grandparents Day

In honor of National Grandparents Day on September 13, an annual observance to proclaim the importance of grandparents in our lives, community, and society, we put together a short list of reasons why we celebrate grandparents

5 Steps to Combat and Prevent Elder Abuse

5 million Americans are affected by some form of elder abuse each year.

Why Older Adults Should be Eating a Protein-Rich Diet

According to new research from the Institute for Aging Research (IFAR), a protein-rich diet that includes both animal and plant sources helps preserve lean muscle mass and strength in the legs of older adults.

The Extra Costs of Extra Weight for Older Adults

PBS Newshour explores how lifelong obesity, now common in the United States, is beginning to change how Americans age.