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Caring for a loved one isn't easy. That's why LeadingAge members are committed to developing resources that can help individuals provide their loved ones with the help they need on their own terms. This page features videos, guides, websites and other resources our members developed for caregivers. Visit frequently to find resources that may help you or a friend fulfill this important role in someone's life.

Finding Information to Help Caregivers

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Millennials and the Future of the Eldercare Workforce

Mairead Bagley is a 22-year-old recent graduate from the University of Maryland-College Park with a BS in Community Health. Previously, she was a home health aide for the elderly and interned for 8 months on the health and caregiving team at the national headquarters of AARP. Currently, she is a summer intern in the communications department at LeadingAge. 

Turning Memories Into Poetry in Dementia Care

Mind's Eye Poetry workshops prove creativity persists despite cognitive decline

How She Started Investing In Stocks After 60

Her advice to smart women lacking financial confidence

A New Twist on Planned Senior Communities

Across the country, developers are re-imagining community life, creating holistic settings that will appeal to older people.

What Banks Are Doing to Halt Elder Abuse

An increasing number of banks and credit unions are implementing fraud-prevention initiatives to prepare for the onslaught of aging Americans expected to develop Alzheimer’s disease.