Caregiving Resources

Caring for a loved one isn't easy. That's why LeadingAge members are committed to developing resources that can help individuals provide their loved ones with the help they need on their own terms. This page features videos, guides, websites and other resources our members developed for caregivers. Visit frequently to find resources that may help you or a friend fulfill this important role in someone's life.

Finding Information to Help Caregivers with the Aging Services Directory

  1. Outlook for Older Job Seekers: Better Than Advertised

    Here are 4 tips to find the right kind of work.

  2. Making Elder Homes More LGBT-Friendly

    “It is quite common for LGBT older adults to be subjected to discrimination and ill-informed approaches to care and services.”

  3. A Cure for Senior Loneliness Is Within Our Reach

    Society is beginning to understand the perils of loneliness and social isolation more than ever before.

  4. Making Communities Friendlier for Those With Dementia

    That's the goal for the ambitious Dementia Friendly America initiative.

  5. Fighting Ageism and Unfair Treatment in Health Care

    Next Avenue invited all of their 2016 Influencers in Aging to write essays about the one thing they would like to change about aging in America. This essay is written by Terry Fulmer and is used here with permission. Everyone ...