Assisted Living

The LeadingAge members who offer assisted living are often a part of a Life Plan Community (formerly CCRC) but many are free standing. Assisted living is state regulated and all 50 states have some form of regulation or licensure category for assisted living, although it may not be called by that name. State regulations vary on who can be admitted and reside in assisted living. 

Assisted living is primarily private pay, although 41 states currently have a Medicaid Waiver/Medicaid State Plan for a limited amount of residents.

  1. How Would a Minimum Wage Hike Affect Your Organization?

    A new report from RTI International contains data showing how assisted living settings and life plan communities would be affected if the federal minimum wage were increased to $10, $12 or $15. The report is a joint project of RTI and the Center for Excellence in Assisted Living.

  2. Are You Missing out on Palliative Care?

    Palliative care helps many Americans manage terminal illness and prepare for the end of life. But that’s not the only thing it can do.

  3. Living Wage: Satisfied Workers = Satisfied Customers

    National Church Residences is implementing a 5-year living wage initiative that aspires to increase the organization’s minimum wage to $14.50 over the next 5 years.

  4. Residents Act to Preserve Medicaid and Senior Housing

    A resident-led Social Action Committee hosted a rally on July 19 in front of the Kavod Senior Life building. Approximately 50 residents participated by marching and holding signs advocating for continued and expanded health care for seniors adults. As a result, a local news station did an interview ...

  5. Disaster Resources: Preparedness, Response and Recovery

    LeadingAge Disaster Resources: Preparedness, Response and Recovery Preparedness | Pandemic Flu Resources | Disaster ...