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Wellness and Engagement

Over the past few years, it has become increasingly evident that LeadingAge members are striving to incorporate wellness into their communities and programming. It is our hope that the content in this section provides members with information, resources and a holistic perspective about wellness-related issues. Be sure to check out our:

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Featured Content

The Benefits of Yoga for Older Adults

Recent research points to the usefulness of mindfulness practices, such as yoga and meditation, in reducing some of?the symptoms of diseases such as diabetes and depression. 

6 Pearls of Wisdom About Skin Health

The skin is the largest organ of the body, but many times it's the least thought about or cared about until there is an issue. The goal is not having an issue.

The Advantages of Community Engagement

Imagine an environment in which your organization's human capital is harnessed to maximize performance, outcomes, and satisfaction. And imagine your greater community viewing your organization as the strategically relevant expert to all things senior. That's community engagement.

How Adam Sandler is Influencing Dementia Care in New York

A pilot program at Hebrew Home at Riverdale in New York is using an offbeat idea from a 2004 Adam Sandler movie to help residents with dementia start their days on a positive note—without the use of drugs.

Village Shalom ‘Writing Club’ Helps Residents Distill Their Autobiographies

For Village Shalom residents who may have always wanted to document their life stories but didn’t know where to begin, a new “writing club” now gives them the framework in which to take up the challenge. Led by Rabbi Mark Levin, founding rabbi of Congregation Beth Torah, the group does not actually require any particular writing skill. It simply relies on attendees’ willingness to recall the experiences, memories and anecdotes that color their lives.