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HUD Regulatory Compliance

Keeping up with all the operational regulations that HUD issues can be daunting. But we are here to help. LeadingAge staff tracks and analyzes HUD websites, notices and guidance to help you understand compliance requirements. Following are the most recent notices or policies statements straight from HUD.

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Waiting List Management Addressed in New HUD Notice

Recommendations regarding waiting list administration in Multifamily Housing have been released by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in response to community concerns that individuals with disabilities may still be at a disadvantage regarding waiting list placement.

LeadingAge Convenes 202 PRAC Preservation Group

LeadingAge has convened a group of housing providers and advocates interested in developing a Section 202 project rental assistance contract (PRAC) preservation strategy to address the rehab needs of aging properties. If you are interested in participating in the Section 202 PRAC preservation working group, please contact Alayna Waldrum via email: 

HUD 202/811 Notice Raises a Number of Questions

In early November, LeadingAge held a conference call with members and coalition partners on the Section 202/811 regulations that were published in October. We are developing a formal response to the proposed regulations to facilitate the most workable supportive housing model for Section 202 providers and residents. Comments are due Dec. 8. We encourage Section 202 housing members to take a look at the notice and share their thoughts by submitting a formal response or communicating with LeadingAge staff so that concern can be included in our response.

Emergency Call Systems: New HUD Multifamily Memo

On Oct. 31, Ben Metcalf, assistant secretary for multifamily housing programs at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) issued guidance clarifying HUD policy related to emergency call systems in elderly properties. The guidance describes the functional requirements of an emergency call system, and explains how those functional requirements can be met using a variety of manual, electronic, and wireless emergency alert systems. 

Imputed Income From Assets: Rate Adjusted for First Time in Many Years

A new Passbook Savings Rate to more accurately reflect interest rates currently being earned on assets, as detailed in Housing Notice H 14-15, will take effect on February 1, 2015. This rate will be updated annually.