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LeadingAge Staff Directory

Published On: Oct 08, 2013Updated On: Apr 01, 2016

Executive Team

The group maintains effective internal and external relationships with staff, the Board of Directors, the Public Policy Congress, committees, task forces, and LeadingAge’s state associations.

Katie Smith Sloan
President and CEO 

Mia Mullen
Assistant to the President 

Ethel (Dawson) Stewart
Manager of Governance and Operations  

Communications Team

Communications is responsible for overall external communications strategy and execution.

Amanda Marr
Vice President, Communications 

Charlie Visconage
Digital Content Manager

Tessa Atkinson-Adams
Communications Associate

Editorial Services Team
Editorial Services helps create the overall framework within which member communications fall.

Deborah Cloud
Vice President and Senior Editor  

Gene Mitchell 
Editorial Director, LeadingAge magazine 

Conferences and Expositions

Conferences and Expositions is responsible for development and implementation of all the organization’s member events. 

Sharon Sullivan
Vice President, Conference Services and Sales 

Conference Services

Linda Zielinski
Director, Conference Services 

Heike Spichal
Manager, Conference Operations 

Essie Charles
Manager, Conference Services   

Congressional Affairs and Housing Team

Congressional Affairs and Housing leads the identification and advancement of public policy strategies. 

Niles Godes
Senior Vice President, Congressional Affairs and Housing

Marsha Greenfield
Vice President, Legislative Affairs 

Colleen Bloom
Director, Housing Operations 

Linda Couch
Director, Housing Policy and Priorities 

Suman Halthore
CAST and Housing Administrator 

Marsha Padilla-Goad
Director, Grassroots and Member Engagement 

Corporate Partnership Team

Corporate Partnership plays an integral role in ensuring the continuity of non-dues revenue for the organization.

Bianca Hughes
Program Associate 

Education Team

Education delivers educational opportunities that enable aging services providers across the continuum of care to share ideas and learn from one another.  

Julieta Holguin
Vice President, Education 

Wendy Green
Managing Vice President, Leadership Development

Sharon Parver
Manger, Education 

Kevin Bradley
Associate Director, Education 

Kirsten Jacobs
Associate Director, Dementia & Wellness Education 

Robert Lagoyda
Manager, Education 

Meg Ogea
Education Administrator 

Emily Lubin
Education Associate 

Human Resources and Administration Team

Human Resources and Administration manages the organization’s human resources and administrative functions, and is also responsible for managing all activities related to front-desk operations, safety, security, facilities management, logistics, procurement, and tenant relations.

Cheryldene Jackson
Vice President, Human Resources and Administration 

Patrick Hunter
Human Resources Program Administrator 

Gary Snowden
Manager, Building and Office Operations 

Information Technology Team

Information Technology provides staff and external audiences access to quality information and technology tools.

Burt Hudson 
Senior Vice President, Operations and New Business Development

Keith Tate
Technical Support Administrator 

Susan Soelaiman
Applications Developer 

Simon Knight
Senior Software Engineer 

Mohammad Alnajadah
Software Developer 

Customer and Information Services

Diane Pappafotis 
Director, Customer and Information Services

Shashi Chandra
Customer Information Data Analyst 

Casey Hayes
Salesforce Administrator 

LeadingAge Center for Aging Services Technologies Team

The LeadingAge Center for Aging Services Technologies (CAST) is focused on accelerating the development, evaluation, and adoption of emerging technologies that will transform the aging experience.

Majd Alwan
Senior Vice President, Technology and Executive Director 

Scott Code
Associate Director 

Zohra Sirat
Project Manager

Suman Halthore
CAST and Housing Administrator

LeadingAge Center for Applied Research Team

The LeadingAge Center for Applied Research (CFAR) team’s mission is to create a bridge among the policy, practice and research communities to advance the development of high quality services.

Robyn Stone
Senior Vice President, Research and Executive Director

Adrienne Powell Ruffin
Deputy Director

Natasha Bryant
Managing Director and Senior Research Associate

Alisha Sanders
Managing Director, Housing and Senior Research Associate

Taryn Patterson
Research Policy Associate

Linda Hermer
Managing Director, Research and Senior Research Scientist

Marketing and Creative (MAC) Services Team

Marketing and Creative Services operates as the internal agency for LeadingAge, working with departments to strategically market their products and services to members and beyond. 

Aimee Hall 
Conference Marketing Specialist

Renee Green 
Marketing Associate

Cynthia Wokas 
Associate Director

Glenn Crenshaw 
Senior Graphic Designer and Project Manager

Nichelle Davis 
Manager, ValueFirst Business Development

Operations and New Business Development Team

Operations and New Business Development works to ensure that the organization has the proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, governance structure, information technology, and people systems in place to effectively grow the organization and ensure financial strength and operating efficiency.

Burt Hudson 
Senior Vice President, Operations and New Business Development

Lea Chambers-Johnson 
Operations and Programs Administrator


Margaret Wanca-Daniels
Senior Director of Corporate Relations and Sales 

Danielle Gray
Manger, Exhibit and Sales Operations 

Kathleen Burke 
Account Executive, Advertising and Business Memberships 

Programs and Membership Team

Programs and Membership builds strong, lasting relationships among the national association, our state partners, and individual members; and helps build and maintain critical relationships with like-minded organizations.

Alishia Parkhill
Senior Vice President of Programs and Membership 

Lea Chambers-Johnson
Operations and Program Administrator 

Public Policy Team

Public Policy works with members, state associations, and the organization’s leadership to develop and implement public policy positions for each of LeadingAge’s constituency groups and across the continuum of long-term care providers.

Cheryl Phillips
Senior Vice President, Public Policy and Health Services

Nicole Fallon
Vice President, Health Policy and Integrated Services

Irene Mercer
Public Policy Office Administrator 

Marquita Crawford
Public Policy Web and Services Coordinator 

Evelyn Munley
Director, Health Regulations and Policy  

Peter Notarstefano
Director, Home and Community-Based Services

Aaron Tripp
Director, Long-Term Care Policy and Analytics 

Legal Affairs

Cory Kallheim
Vice President, Legal Affairs and Social Accountability 

Jennifer Hilliard
Director, Philanthropy and Legal Affairs 

Public Policy Communications

Barbara Gay
Vice President, Public Policy Communications

Residential Communities

Stephen Maag
Director, Residential Communities  

State and Member Relations Team

State and Member Relations is the key link to State Executive/Leadership Forum collaboration with LeadingAge, and provide a vital communication and member service link among LeadingAge’s national office, its state association affiliates, and its members.

Yasemin Washington
Vice President, State & Member Relations

Leslie Knight 
Vice President, Member Relations

Nancy Hooks 
Vice President, Member Relations

Linda Bloxham
Vice President, Member Relations 

Sherry Shultz 
Associate Director, State and Member Relations

Deborah Puryear
Member and Data Services Coordinator

Christy Kramer
Director, LeadingAge DC

International Association of Homes and Services for the Ageing (IAHSA)

IAHSA is an international network of provider organizations, businesses, researchers, individuals and government officials, with representation in over 30 countries. IAHSA’s mission is to connect and support care and service networks worldwide and to enhance the quality of life for the ageing.

Katie Smith Sloan
Executive Director   

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