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Why Riderwood’s Facebook Traffic is Surging

by Published On: Nov 17, 2011

Riderwood, a LeadingAge member in Silver Spring, MD, experienced a 27% growth in Facebook readership in a month, according to the "Selling to Seniors" newsletter. A total of 12,940 viewers visited the Facebook page.

Mel Tansill, Riderwood’s public affairs manager, told the newsletter that “a main reason for the success of our Riderwood Facebook is its content, which changes weekly, and often daily.” Riderwood’s Facebook articles include human-interest resident stories and behind-the-scenes information about campus operations.

"The Riverwood story is a fine example of why aging-services organizations should have a presence on Facebook or other social networking platforms," said Craig Collins-Young, Internet content manager at LeadingAge. "The online communities that develop from these platforms are a great way for LeadingAge members to share information and to interact with residents and their families - both of which help build a sense of trust."   

Riderwood “is leveraging Facebook to keep residents, staff, family members, and general public and the news media informed on a minute-by-minute basis,” Tansill added.

Tansill noted that the majority of the Facebook traffic last month came from e-mail servers, which means people are referring their friends to Riderwood Facebook through e-mail. Almost one-third of Facebook referrals came via Google.

“This is representative of the power of social media,” explained Tansill. “It indicates people are using this technology in increasing numbers to learn about retirement.”


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