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Exploring Intergenerational Programming in Senior Housing

LeadingAge and Generations United are using funds from The Retirement Research Foundation to explore the characteristics and benefits of intergenerational programming in senior housing properties.

National Academy of Medicine Will Explore Housing Plus Services on Dec. 12

The role of housing as a social determinant of health will be the topic for discussion on Dec. 12 when the National Academy of Medicine holds an all-day public workshop focusing on the affordability, availability, and importance of housing for vulnerable older adults and people with disabilities.

What’s So Great about Culture Change? CFAR Study Offers Some Clues

Nursing homes must implement culture change fully before they can reap many of its benefits, according to early findings from an ongoing study by the LeadingAge Center for Applied Research (CFAR). But when full implementation does occur, the benefits of culture change include significant improvements in resident perceptions of quality of life, services, and care.

How Elders Promote Community Resilience After Natural Disasters

The International Association of Homes and Services for the Ageing and the LeadingAge Center for Applied Research are collaborating on 2 projects to explore the important role that older people can play in helping their communities prepare for and remain resilient after natural disasters.

4 Ways to Promote Better Health for an Aging Population

The U.S. health care system is unprepared to support the growing population of sick older Americans, and it isn’t doing enough to keep people healthy into their highest ages, according to a new paper co-authored by Robyn Stone, executive director of the LeadingAge Center for Applied Research.