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LeadingAge Provider Services Surveys Have Arrived

Key staff members at LeadingAge member organizations have received Provider Services Surveys using the Qualtrics survey platform.

July 11: Check Your Inbox for the LeadingAge Provider Services Survey

On July 11, LeadingAge will send Provider Services Surveys to several individuals in your organization, using the Qualtrics survey platform.

New Guide: Bringing Comfort to Nursing Home Residents with Dementia

Seventy-five percent of people with dementia will spend time in a nursing home, most typically in the moderate and advanced stages of their conditions. A new guide outlines how nursing homes can bring comfort to those residents and, by extension, to their families and friends.

How Light Therapy Can Improve Quality of Life for Residents with Dementia

A 2015 study by Ecumen found that exposing residents with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias to full-spectrum lights each day reduced sleep disturbances, behavioral episodes, and use of antipsychotic medications. The pilot project was funded by the LeadingAge Innovations Fund.

Capitol Hill Briefing Highlights LeadingAge Research

Approximately 60 Congressional staffers and Washington, DC-based aging and housing policy experts gathered on Capitol Hill June 20 for a policy briefing about LeadingAge research on emerging housing plus services models.