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Preparing for the Possibility of Large-Scale Blackouts

by Published On: Jun 22, 2012

Super Storms: Preparing for Large-Scale Blackouts is a white paper created by CNA and provided by Aon that discusses scenarios and suggests strategies to: 

  • Protect residents/patients and staff.
  • Avoid service interruptions.
  • Minimize equipment damage.
  • Reduce liability exposure.

A geomagnetic disturbance may strike at any time, potentially disrupting the electrical grid and creating power and communication outages.

For healthcare organizations, a black-out of this magnitude could have serious consequences in terms of resident/patient safety and basic operating capabilities.

Many basic systems and processes could be impacted, including: 

  • Water pumping and treatment.
  • Heating, cooling and ventilation.
  • Gas and electrical lines.
  • Cellular phone networks, the Internet and other communication challenges.
  • Rail lines, public transit and traffic signals.
  • Food and fuel distribution.
  • Drug and medical supply acquisition.
  • Computer infrastructure.
  • Financial transactions.


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