PEAK 2016: March 14th - 16th @ Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, Washington DC
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“If we all did the things we are really capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”

—Thomas A. Edison


The PEAK Leadership Summit is the preeminent strategic thinking and thought leadership event in aging services. LeadingAge members gather annually in Washington, DC to wrestle through tough issues affecting the field, meet and network with peers, and address leadership priorities in their organizations. The event brings together a multidisciplinary group of senior living executives, business leaders, and experts from around the country.

PEAK Leadership Summit 2016 in Review

General Session

The event kicked off featuring a dynamic presentation by author Scott Berkun. His book, Debunking the Myths of Innovation, challenges the use of the word “innovation”, which - according to Berkun - has become so over-used it has become all-encompassing and watered down, often generating inaccurate assumptions about what it is and, worse, how it occurs.

Board chair Kathryn Roberts and president and CEO Katie Smith Sloan also addressed the attendees, talking about LeadingAge priorities and the opportunities in front of us to shape the future of aging.

“We will not shape the future by talking only amongst ourselves, by thinking within in the same parameters and by holding on to the same assumptions about the future that have made us successful in the past. Divergent thinking calls for creativity, idea generation, and making connections. It is about possibilities rather than certainties. It suggests we join with some perhaps unconventional partners and thinkers to explore the "what ifs...”

LeadingAge President and CEO Katie Smith Sloan, General Session

Education Program

The theme of PEAK this year was ‘embracing divergent thinking,’ which education sessions integrated into the framing of big picture issues facing LeadingAge members such as long-term care financing, thriving in competitive markets, ethical dilemmas in nonprofit leadership, and more.

A sample of this year’s strategy and leadership topics included:

  • Scaling the Not-For-Profit Difference
  • Creating the Ideal Senior Living Experience
  • Creative Business Ventures
  • Strategic Thinking
  • CEO Transitions
  • Building an Effective Executive Leadership Team


Stepping away from the traditional exhibit hall, this year PEAK piloted Basecamp, a networking and learning space that engaged members with industry experts and promoted thought leadership.

The room was divided into interest area zones, such as aging services technology, strategic planning, and innovative programs. Each zone had a small stage where leaders presented topics relevant to aging services. In addition, kiosks hosted by an array of senior-focused companies were placed around the room.

Did We Miss Anything?

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