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NYC Nursing Home Integrates Quality First

by Published On: Aug 31, 2011

Hebrew Home at Riverdale (Nursing Home)

Riverdale, NY

Describe the process of getting your Board's support for QF.
Discussion of our mission let to it naturally. We'd been doing many elements of it anyway. But Quality First gave it a context.

Have you visited the Quality First website?
Yes, it was helpful to break down the components of QF into definable and "bite-sized" portions. It prevents the process from overwhelming us.

Does your organization have a Quality First leader ... an individual or committee?
Yes, we created a new committee called the "Living Well Journey" in order to integrate and implement Quality First.

Has your organization developed an action plan to focus on improvements in one or more of the Quality First Elements of Quality?
Yes, we are currently implementing every element. While we have been doing all these things prior to signing, Quality First enabled us to label them, and provide more accountability and measurement.

Has your organization done anything to get public recognition (with your residents/clients; consumers; policymakers; media) for your Quality First accomplishments?
Yes, we organized and funded a "Chutzpah Mission to Israel" for our residents to visit Israel; we initiated our Elder Abuse Prevention Program; and we are operating an internal high school for at-risk students.

Has QF been beneficial to your organization in improving quality?
Yes, it has focused the organization on a common goal.

What has been the most beneficial aspect of QF for your organization?
Quality First has focused our board, our managers and our staff on a shared and definable goal.

Looking ahead a year, what do you see as the biggest opportunity for your organization with respect to QF?
Getting the word out on our commitment to "social accountability."

Members have voiced several reasons for not signing the QF Covenant, one of which is that they already run a quality organization. What would you say to encourage these members to sign the QF Covenant?
Chances are, they are already doing many, if not all of the elements. But they should embrace the common language and move forward!


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