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Memorandum Released on CACFP Meals in Adult Day Programs

by Published On: Aug 14, 2012
USDA Food and Nutritional Services

The adult day care component the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) received some updated guidance clarifying and condensing previous guidance addressing center eligibility and licensing/approval.

In its Aug. 7 memorandum, the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Service said that facilities providing residential care are not eligible to participate in CACFP with respect to those residential clients.

In order to participate in CACFP, adult day care centers also must be licensed or approved by federal, state, or local authorities to provide adult day care services.

Generally, the simple presence of public funding in an adult day care center does not constitute “approval.”

Congress intended CACFP benefits to be available to serve individuals attending adult day care while remaining in the community.  


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