Media Outlets Promote CAST Case Study Collection

by Published On: Dec 16, 2011

CAST has been thrilled to learn that a number of media outlets around the country are telling their readers about our newest publication: Preparing for the Future: Developing Technology-Enabled Long-Term Services and Supports for a New Population of Older Adults.

This collection of case studies, which CAST released in November 2011, highlights the impressive work being carried out by pioneers in the field of aging services. These organizations were among the first of their peers to think strategically about creating new business models to meet the changing needs of a growing older population. 

They were also among the first long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) providers to recognize that technology could help them improve the quality of their service programs while honoring consumer preferences and saving health care dollars.

Preparing for the Future offers practical information about how to establish technology-enabled business models and it is filled with valuable advice that you can apply to your organization’s technology journey. You will definitely want to share this publication with members of your boards, as well as your technology and clinical staffs!

You may also want to check out some of the publicity the report has received to date. Most notably, Long-Term Living Editor-in-Chief Patricia Sheehan called our report “a revealing look at how providers are using technology to change their business models while addressing the challenges they face in implementing technology.” Sheehan used our report to challenge her readers to think about whether their technology was lagging behind.

Retirement Living published an article about the report that included a quote in which I emphasized that “for policy makers, these examples highlight the importance of fully integrating LTPAC providers in national health information technology initiatives and future care delivery models that the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovations is pilot testing.”

The case study report also received mention from these publications and websites: 


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