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LeadingAge Ziegler 150

The LeadingAge Ziegler 150 (LZ 150) lists the largest nonprofit systems providing aging services through senior living in the United States, by order of their total owned market-rate units. 

The LeadingAge Ziegler 150 began through the desire of LeadingAge and Ziegler to examine and understand the nonprofit senior-living field.

LeadingAge Ziegler 150

2014 LeadingAge Ziegler 150

The 2014 LeadingAge Ziegler 150, like the 10 LZ 100 editions preceding it, presents a snapshot of the longstanding story of LeadingAge members’ enlightened leadership, growth and change.

2013 LeadingAge Ziegler 100

The 2013 LZ 100 confirms, once again, the significant role LeadingAge-member not-for-profit organizations play in the aging services field.

2012 LeadingAge Ziegler 100

The 9th edition of the LeadingAge Ziegler 100 reflects market trends of 2011. Similar to other recent years, 2011 did not fall short in providing its challenges to providers.

2011 LeadingAge Ziegler 100

This 8th edition of the LeadingAge Ziegler 100 embraces many new changes that have taken place since last year’s research.