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LeadingAge Word Up Game

Published On: Oct 23, 2013

This PowerPoint game just may change how you think about what you say and how you say it. Play LeadingAge WordUp with your staff, residents or both! 

Download LeadingAge WordUp.

LeadingAge WordUp Instructions

  1. Download and open the PowerPoint file.
  2. Once open go to “slideshow” at the top and click on “play from the beginning.”
  3. One word appears on the board, two players face off, each thinking of as many positive alternatives as possible.
  4. Think Fast! The first person to buzz with a correct alternative word earns one point and continues playing until they can no longer identify alternatives, or identify three incorrect alternatives (denoted by an X on the board).
  5. At that time, play shifts to the other person who can “steal” the round by identifying a correct alternative and continue playing the board.
  6. The host will keep track of the points accumulated. 

Special thanks to 2013 LeadingAge Silver Premier Sponsor, LCS


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