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LeadingAge 911 Will Help Members Evaluate Their Financial Situation

by Published On: Jul 13, 2012
LeadingAge 911

Since the real estate market crashed in 2008, many members have called me because they are concerned about maintaining cash reserves, meeting bond covenants and sustaining their overall financial health. These contacts come from all kinds of providers, from nursing homes to community outreach organizations.

I am pleased to announce a new discreet assessment and referral service called LeadingAge 911.

LeadingAge 911 gives members quick access to a select group of peers and business members to help members evaluate a possible financial crisis and refer them to experts who can potentially help them develop a plan for recovery.

LeadingAge has retained James Emerson to be our point person on this effort. Jim served as chief executive officer of Westminster Communities of Florida and has worked in our field for 38 years. He has extensive experience in development, management, mergers, acquisitions, and consulting in the not-for-profit sector. 

A leader in the Continuing Care Accreditation Commission, Jim is familiar with virtually every aspect of strategic planning, finances, and operations. 

He is well known by many for the extensive help he has provided members over the years as they have faced challenges. 

Jim Emerson has been involved in LeadingAge, LeadingAge Florida, and the Presbyterian Association of Homes for the Aging, and an AAHSA Award of Honor recipient.

Working with Jim will be Steve Maag, director of residential communities for LeadingAge. Steve is an attorney with expertise in CCRC's, housing, financing, and the legalities involved with aging services financing.

How LeadingAge 911 Works

Here's how LeadingAge 911 works:

  • Step 1: If you believe your organization is facing financial crisis, call Steve Maag at 888-310-4580. Steve will gather basic information and get you in touch with Jim.
  • Step 2: Jim will meet with you by phone or visit to assess your situation, put together with one or more experts to pay you a one-day visit, if necessary, and give you his and/or the team's recommendations.
  • Step 3: The rest is up to you. This service is free to members, except for reimbursement of Jim's or team member's travel if you agree a visit is merited. 

Any continuing relationship with any of the parties involved becomes a matter of agreement between you and the other parties involved.

Why is LeadingAge 911 necessary? Because members sometimes face big financial pressures for any number of reasons, often outside of their control. 

It can help to be able to turn to peers and experts that know these situations well and want to help you successfully resolve them.

So, call LeadingAge 911 if you need help.


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