Larry Letters

Larry Letters

Former LeadingAge President and CEO Larry Minnix has worked in aging services for more than 30 years. He frequently shares his experiences and lessons from his work as well as observations from his visits with LeadingAge members, through letters to LeadingAge members.


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Listening to Our Higher Angels

Larry Minnix explains how Pope Francis' visit has inspired him to focus on higher angels.

Ready for Reform?

Larry Minnix discusses the latest proposed rule on reform of requirements for long-term care facilities, something he's called the biggest overhaul of nursing homes since the Federal Nursing Home Reform Act (or OBRA) of 1987. 

Thriving with Good Governance

In his 14 years with LeadingAge, Larry Minnix has learned one very important lesson...

The Living Sermon

In his 4th and final Older Americans Month reflection on seniors who have had an impact on his life, Larry Minnix tells the story of the late Rev. Roy McTier, the "living sermon."

Heaven Doesn't Want Me

In his 3rd letter for Older Americans Month, Larry reflects on the caregivers that made a big impact on his life.