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Hurricane Update: Lambeth House Offers Help in Time of Need

by Published On: Sep 04, 2012
Lambeth House

Last week, we published an article on How LeadingAge Gulf States Weathered Hurricane Isaac. Quoted in the article was Scott Crabtree, CEO/President of Lambeth House, a LeadingAge Gulf States member located in New Orleans. 

Crabtree expressed the utmost confidence in his staff and stressed the preparations that they were taking to ensure the safety of their residents. On Sunday, September 2, after Hurricane Isaac had passed, Crabtree shared the following update with us. 

Here is what he said:

As you are probably aware, we had a rather challenging week with the storm that would not leave. After 3 days of constant pounding, we returned to some sense of normalcy when we got full primary power on Thursday. We were the first senior living to get energized. Our staff performed beyond belief throughout the crisis and can say that after most of them coming in Monday night and early Tuesday morning, we are sending many home tonight for the first time. 

To complicate matters after our initial recovery, we accepted a distress call from a nursing home, Poydras Home, just down the street. They had not fared as well and needed immediate evacuation. As any fellow non-profit organization would do, we accepted all 58 of their nursing care residents, even though we were filled to capacity, staff functioning on no sleep, but no hesitation to do so because it was the right thing to do-an absolute obligation to fulfill. 

What was to be a 24-hour evacuation has turned into a major challenge for them because at least one wing of their building will not be readied until at least early October. Knowing that these elderly residents could not possibly remain on air mattresses and receiving limited services, we worked together to come up with a solution to help some of the residents. 

We opened 14 additional beds at our other campus (St. Anna’s) and moved 6 residents yesterday, and 7 residents today and one more tomorrow. They are working on placing the rest of the residents in various nursing homes or trying to get approval to occupy a portion of the building and get all of those residents still with us back over to Poydras around Tuesday or Wednesday. Our staff are the best but slowly wearing out.  Their staff is faring no better. 

We hope that by Wednesday we can start focusing on getting Lambeth House back to normal.

The Times-Picayune covered the story of Poydras Home's move to Lambeth House.

Many thanks to those of you who kept your fellow members in the gulf region in your thoughts and prayers. 

We will continue to update you as the recovery from Hurricane Isaac continues; please check back for the latest news.


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