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Healthy Aging

As longer life becomes a reality for more and more individuals in the US, finding ways to improve quality of life throughout a lifetime is becoming increasingly important. This section highlights the many ways people can strive for overall well-being.


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An increasing number of banks and credit unions are implementing fraud-prevention initiatives to prepare for the onslaught of aging Americans expected to develop Alzheimer’s disease.

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As Americans age, it's vital we give our elders -- and their caregivers -- the support they need. Global caregiving advocate Ai-jen Poo tells us what we can do to positively affect change, starting right this minute.

The Surprising Secret to Aging Well

She’s in her 90s, she’s been an occupational therapist for 44 years (20 of them in the Army), and she’s aging remarkably well. Her 2 biggest secrets:

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How to Create Meaning in Dementia Care

Everyone deserves to feel needed and have a sense of purpose