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Federal Update: Just Say No to a Government Shutdown

by Published On: Sep 23, 2013

As of Sept. 23, Congress has failed to pass any appropriations bills for fiscal year 2014, which begins on Oct. 1. Unless Congress passes a spending bill by that date, federal agencies will not have funding to operate and the government will shut down.

Please Contact Congress and tell your legislators to avert a shutdown by passing responsible budget and spending bills for fiscal year 2014. 

Another shutdown possibility threatens as the federal government approaches the statutory limit on borrowing, known as the debt ceiling. The U.S. Treasury Department predicts that the debt ceiling will be reached sometime in October.

A government shutdown and/or a default on federal financial obligations would be bad for the country in any number of ways. We are concerned about the impact a shutdown could have on seniors who depend on Medicare, Medicaid, Older Americans Act programs, and Section 202 housing for essential food, shelter and other supportive services. 

If the federal government shuts down or hits the debt ceiling, aging services providers will not receive federal funding until the impasse over the federal budget and spending is resolved.

We are urging Congress to come together in a responsible and bipartisan way to pass 2014 budget and spending legislation. We also are reminding Congress that aging services programs already received substantial funding reductions under sequestration; we are asking that these programs not be cut again.


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