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Elder Justice Act: Free White Paper Describes Implications for Long-Term Care

by Published On: Jul 16, 2012

The Elder Justice Act (EJA) mandates the reporting of any suspected crime against an elder in a long-term care community. 

The Elder Justice Act: What it Means for Long-Term Care from Care2Learn/Upstairs Solutions can help you learn more about the obligatory reporting procedures and the impact on funding for failure to report.

The adherence to the mandates in the Elder Justice Act is the responsibility of every individual employee, owner, manager and even contractor. 

Communities face exclusion from federal funding for retaliation against anyone reporting a suspect crime.

What this white paper explains

The white paper explains:

  • Current reporting timelines and processes.
  • Dual reporting to dual agencies.
  • Education suggestions, resources and requirements.
  • Funding impact and penalties.
  • Risk factors associated with reporting.

For most communities, the Elder Justice Act will become an additional layer of reporting that will seamlessly integrate into daily community operations.

This white paper will serve as an overview on how to make that integration smooth while continuing to deliver the best quality of care.


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