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Up-to-date research on current and future consumers, and how their characteristics affect their expectations and experiences of aging.

Preparing Next 3 Generations of Consumers

Along with the current "GI Generation" that is currently utilizing aging services, LeadingAge members should be interested in and preparing for 3 generations that soon will impact their organization’s work: 1. Members of the "Silent Generation," who are aged 64-84 and who are beginning to purchase long-term services and supports. 2. The "Baby Boom Generation," the first of which begins to reach reach retirement in 2011. 3. The younger "Generation X," aged 33-44, which will follow the baby boomers into retirement. 


Latest Studies on Aging-Services

Addressing the Needs of LGBT Consumers

As baby boomers approaches old age, a growing percentage of them will fall into the category that has become commonly known as “LGBT,” which stands for “lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.” This report offers providers to information about how to learn about LGBT needs and preferences in order to offer the best possible programs and services.