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Cobble Hill Health Center Appoints New President and CEO

by Published On: Jun 19, 2012
Tony Lewis of Cobble Hill
Tony Lewis

The Cobble Hill Health Center Board of Directors has announced the appointment of Tony Lewis as president and CEO of the Cobble Hill Health Center effective May 1, 2012.
Mr. Lewis was the administrator at Cobble Hill Health Center for over 20 years and succeeds Olga Lipschitz, who is retiring after an illustrious 40 year career as 1 of the leading health care figures in Brooklyn. 

Donny Tuchman, associate administrator, will become the administrator. 

“Tony has been one of the pivotal influences on this facility’s growth as a leader in the health care industry,” said Demetra Polimeros, Chairman of the Board. “He has always focused on what is best for the patient and that’s why we have such a respected name in caring for the elderly and disabled.” 

A brief history of Mr. Tony Lewis

Mr. Lewis was born in London, England. Working in health and social services in London he developed an expertise in caring for the elderly and became a certified social worker. 

He also holds a master’s degree in health policy and management. 

Recognized as a leading authority on caring for patients with Alzheimer’s, Mr. Lewis, who now resides in the Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn, acted as a consultant and panel advisor on the needs of family caregivers for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) in London and was the contributing expert for local government joint-planning committees on health and social services.
After arriving in the United States in 1991, Mr. Lewis was hired by Mrs. Lipschitz, who was the administrator, to establish Cobble Hill Health Center’s Alzheimer’s Special Care Unit.

Today, Cobble Hill Health Center’s Alzheimer’s Special Care Unit is regarded as a model of innovative Alzheimer’s care and was recently featured in the viral documentary about IPOD music and Alzheimer’s patients, Alive Inside, which has been viewed over 6,000,000 times on YouTube.
Mr. Lewis he has lectured extensively on the culture of care and leadership skills and is a highly sought after speaker. “Working together with Mrs. Lipschitz for the past 2 decades has been the best experience I could possibly have had,” says Mr. Lewis. “Her leadership was exemplary and I am looking forward to taking her legacy into the future.”
In addition to his many years of advocacy for the frail elderly and disabled in the skilled nursing facility, Mr. Lewis has spearheaded several new, community based programs for Cobble Hill that are geared toward providing care in the community setting. 

“I’m looking forward to building on the solid foundation of outstanding health care that is our nursing home to bringing the same kind of care we provide in-house into the homes of the communities we serve in Brooklyn,” said Lewis. 


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