Chapters: Educating Direct Care Workers in Transitions of Care

by Published On: Jun 20, 2012

Dr. Robyn Stone and Natasha Bryant of the LeadingAge Center for Applied Research have written a chapter on educating direct care workers in transitions of care. The chapter appears in the Annual Review of Gerontology and Geriatrics: Pathways through the Transitions of Care for Older Adults.

Stone and Bryant used their chapter to highlight the potential role that direct care workers can play in the development, adoption and sustainability of quality transitional care. The chapter:

  • Summarizes the reasons why direct care workers are critical to the transitional care process and an essential part of the transitional care team. 
  • Reviews key challenges in recruiting and retaining direct care workers and barriers to the development of a quality, competent workforce. 
  • Describes the status of direct care worker education and training.
  • Focuses on the extent to which training programs and materials have addressed the role of the direct care worker in transitional care.
  • Explores the need for better training and organizational support to help direct care workers become key participants in transitional care teams.


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