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Welcome to the LeadingAge Center for Housing Plus Services! Launched in 2012, the center serves as a national catalyst for the development, adoption and support of innovative housing solutions that enable low- and modest-income seniors to age safely and successfully in their homes and communities. 

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Housing Plus Services: Adapting to a Changing Resident Population

A new case study from the LeadingAge Center for Housing Plus Services explores how Blackstone Apartments, a LeadingAge member in Boston’s West End neighborhood, is working with 2 partners to address challenges associated with the property’s changing resident population.

Why Housing Plus Services is a “Bright Spot” in Efforts to Support Dual Eligibles

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal describes the results of research from the LeadingAge Center for Housing Plus Services as one of the few “bright spot” in the federal government’s efforts to improve care and curb health care spending for Americans who are dually eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid.

Affordable Senior Housing Plus Services Program Slows Growth in Medicare Costs

The Support and Services at Home program is slowing the growth of annual total Medicare expenditures for program participants, according to early findings from a 3-year evaluation conducted by the LeadingAge Center for Applied Research and RTI International.

Our Job is to Enable Well-Being

Housing providers like Peter Sanborn Place in Reading, MA, are enabling well-being by providing services that help older residents remain autonomous until the end of life. In his new book, noted author and surgeon Atul Gawande sees this as a sign that we’ve entered a new era of care for aging Americans. In her November blog, Robyn Stone shares evidence that Gawande is absolutely right.

How LeadingAge Members are Helping AARP Study Affordable Housing

Members of AARP’s National Policy Council (NPC) recently made site visits to 4 LeadingAge members in the Boston area. The council is on a year-long quest to uncover innovative strategies that will help increase the supply of affordable housing for older people and bridge the gap between housing and health care.