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Established in 1935, HJ Sims is a full-service investment bank specializing in structuring and underwriting senior living and long-term care financings. 

With more than $19 billion worth of financings, we offer an array of capital financing solutions including, tax exempt and taxable bonds, mezzanine loans, private equity, seed money, bank financing, and FHA-insured loans.  

HJ Sims also provides financial advisory services in the areas of capital planning, restructuring and mergers, and acquisitions. Our Financed Right® solutions have benefitted hundreds of senior living providers and we are confident one of our solutions will benefit you.

HJ Sims’ banking clients with borrowing needs especially benefit from our extensive Investor Distribution Network. For every one institutional investor, HJ Sims has more than 100 individual, high net-worth investors. Access to this unparalleled network of investors gives our clients:

  • More buying power 
  • More flexible terms 
  • Lower rates
  • More product choices 
  • Synergistic marketing efforts 
Areas of Expertise:

Structuring and underwriting financing solutions 

  • Bonds
  • Investment-grade ratings
  • Direct purchases and loans
  • Seed money
  • Preferred equity
  • Mezzanine and subordinate loan financing
  • FHA loans  
  • HUD Plus

Evaluating and implementing growth opportunities, repositioning strategies and strategic capital

  • Strategic planning
  • Capital strategy
  • Primary and secondary market distribution
  • Amendments, waivers and restructurings
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Municipal Advisor Solutions
  • Derivatives

Debt and asset management

  • Capital planning objective fulfillment
  • Debt capacity maximization
  • Operating margin enhancement
  • Loan/bond covenant compliance


HJ Sims, member FINRA and SIPC

Sims Mortgage Funding is a wholly owned subsidiary of HJ Sims & Co Inc.

Learn more about HJ Sims' culture. More from HJ Sims in The LeadingAge Buyer's Guide.

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