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MPLC Reaches Licensing Agreement for Movies Shown in Common Areas

by Published On: Apr 27, 2011

Leading Age and AHCA/NCAL have reached a licensing agreement with the Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (MPLC) to clarify when our members will need a license and pay a licensing fee to show movies to their residents in common areas or via closed circuit TV systems. Any senior community or facility, regardless of its type or license status, which has a closed circuit television system (such as an in-house channel) playing movies shall obtain an MPLC Umbrella License® based on the number of connections.  

The MPLC will not seek to collect license fees from nursing or assisted living facilities that conduct Video performances in common areas.  However, if these facilities have independent living units, apartments, or other similarly defined living quarters, whether free-standing or located in a nursing facility, assisted living facility, continuing care retirement community, or any other type of senior living facility, regardless of how each state defines the facility, a license (MPLC licensing application) is required and the fee must be paid based on the number of independent apartments. This includes videos rented, borrowed, or purchased by residents being shown to other residents in the common area.

Low-income senior housing units or facilities which have a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) contract that show videos in the common areas of the facility shall pay a reduced license fee. However, the facility must provide the MPLC with:

  1. The project number.
  2. The number of units covered under HUD to receive the discount.
Members of LeadingAge and AHCA/NCAL will receive a 10% discount off the MPLC license fees. 

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