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How Angels Among Us Connected 2 St. Therese Families

by Published On: Aug 24, 2012
Velta Sparnins with the Olsens
Angels Among Us

Every year, St. Therese at Oxbow Lake holds an Angels Among Us dinner, intended to give tenants at the Brooklyn Park, MN, campus an opportunity to recognize someone who has made an impact in their life. A delicious dinner is served, and then residents take turns sharing the stories of their angels. At the most recent dinner, two families shared a special connection.

Back in January, Velta Sparnins was out for a walk when she slipped on some ice and her glasses cut into her forehead. Slumped over beside a bench, she looked like she could have been taking a rest to passersby, but Annette and Joey Olsen knew better. They stopped, realized she was in pain, and called an ambulance.

It turns out that the Olsens were walking to visit Annette's father, Art Windmeier, another St. Therese resident. Now, the two families share a special bond which was evident to those who attended the Angels Among Us dinner, according to a recent newsletter article. 

When it came time for Velta to introduce her angels, she pointed to them and said simply, "They saved my life."

You can check out more photos from the event on the St. Therese Facebook page.


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