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Adult Day Care Gets Started with Quality First

by Published On: Aug 31, 2011
Organization:   Daily Living Centers (Adult Day Care)
Location:   Oklahoma City, OK

 What was the "spark" that got your organization involved in QF?
The desire to be as good a program as possible by staff and directors within our financial parameters.

Describe the process of getting your Board's support for QF.
The board had been involved in our operational desires for years. We are presently in our 5th 5-year plan. We explained the QF program and asked for their support. They were willing to allow us within financial guidelines to accomplish the necessary tasks to achieve quality first status.

Have you reviewed the information on the QF Web site?
Yes, it was able to help us determine where we were and the steps that would be necessary for us to qualify as a Quality First facility or operation.

Does your organization have a Quality First leader ... an individual or committee?
If YES, What is the name of the committee? Quality First advisory committee
Is this a special Quality First Committee, or did it exist previously?
It is a special committee and a continuing committee.

Has your organization developed an action plan to focus on improvements in Quality First?
Yes, it will focus on more community involvement

Has QF been beneficial to your organization in improving quality?
Yes. Since everyone is aware of Quality first, they are always looking for ways to improve our program, so they are not afraid to come forward with suggestions through the committee.

What has been the most beneficial aspect of QF for your organization?
Staff and board reactions to the overall efforts of quality.

What has been the most challenging aspect of QF for your organization?
To stay within the financial restraints of our organization.

Have you budgeted staff or financial resources to your QF efforts, or are the time/costs integrated into your other work?
Yes, some is budgeted some isn't. We have purchased supplies and improved our facility to show our concern for Quality First.

Looking ahead a year, what do you see as the biggest Quality First opportunity for your Organization?
Increased recognition in our community that will lead to a larger enrollment.


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