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ABHOW Adds 4 Grove Memory Care Centers

by Published On: Sep 05, 2012
ABHOW Groves
A new Grove is nearly complete.

American Baptist Homes of the West (ABHOW) reports that construction is underway for 4 new Grove communities, with the eventual goal of Groves being built to enhance each of ABHOW's existing continuing care retirement communities (CCRC).

The Grove first opened in Plymouth Village in Redlands, CA, in 1996. At the Grove, staff follow a social model rather than a medical model. The building design creates a homelike feel and provides visual cues to residents, and the schedule and activities are built around residents' interests and habits. 

ABHOW has adopted the following philosophy of care for The Grove:

  • Each human being is valuable, precious and unique.
  • Rational thinking is not the only way to experience life; feelings can long be meaningfully expressed and received.
  • The focus on abilities instead of disabilities offers residents dignity.
  • Activity program is based on integration of knowledge of each person’s unique history and background.
  • Overlearned skills are integrated in customized activity program.
  • Life includes mental, physical, emotional and spiritual opportunities for all.
  • The environment, both internal and external, promotes beauty, security, dignity and emotional support.
  • Most current, innovative and thorough ongoing education for staff and families will be provided.
  • The home environment supports the needs of memory support programs.
  • Residents’ special needs and those of their families are met with sensitivity.
  • Joining the residents’ reality, wherever that might be, is an opportunity and privilege for staff and families. 

"These Groves are absolutely stunning and what a gift to the residents and their families to have this as home," says Kay Kallander, senior vice president for strategic planning at ABHOW.

According to Kallander, the Grove in Bakersfield is just about done and residents are moving in over the next few weeks. Two more Grove communities at Los Gatos and Los Altos are in early construction now. "It is unbelievable considering where we started in Redlands 16 years ago with three small empty apartments," Kallander adds.

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